Essay on Security Manager Role

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Security Manager Role
To understand the role(s) of a Security Manager, a person must know what security is and what it means to an organization. According to Ortmeier, “security may be defined as a public or private service-related activity that provides personnel, equipment, and creates policies and procedures designed to prevent or reduce losses. These losses, caused by criminal action as well as by noncriminal events resulting from human error, emergencies, man-made and natural disasters, and business intelligence collection by competitors”. (2009).
Security takes into account all actions and objectives intended to meet asset safeguard goals to make certain that security problems do not occur. Management of security is defined as
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Many security personnel do not carry firearms, but if required, a concealed weapons permit would need to be acquired from that jurisdiction (2011).
Public Facility Security Managers As stated by Amico, who describes the duties of a security manager, public facility security managers handle the security in businesses such as nightclubs, museums, office buildings and other public facilities. The security manager’s job is to make sure that the property is safe and secure and that everyone on the grounds has the legal right to be there, such as the nightclubs and persons underage trying to obtain