Security: September 11 Attacks and Airport Security Essay

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Title: The Good and Bad of Airport Security Should airport security really go overboard with the rules and regulations that go along with traveling? Has anything changed from before the 9/11 terrorist attack? Most people have had the opportunity to travel on an airplane, but even before you get to enjoy your flight to your destination there are steps you have to go through to prepare. There are certain protocols you have to abide by to continue to your flight. Most individuals want to be safe going to and from airports wherever they are but they also wouldn’t want to be hassled with unnecessary procedures that are enforced. Does the good out way the bad when it comes to what security of the airports try to enforce for the safety of its citizens? The pat downs by a total stranger before boarding your flight was uncomfortable, but what about the TSA body scan machine. Some people are also uncomfortable for people they don’t know to see some things that are private and shouldn’t be seen by someone you don’t know. Even Europe has banned this technology because it is an invasion of privacy but is still used in U.S. airports. Is this technology worth it and ending the pat downs by strangers but are able to see under your clothing. They also want to translate this to a hand-held device to take away the pat downs but airports won’t see this device for a couple of years (McCarroll). There have always been a number of issues of serious concern for the United States and other governments around the world. The Government, which has turned to FAA to secure airports, has passed and rewritten numerous bills and acts trying to provide the safest, most efficient form of airport security. Prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, airport security wasn’t a big concern but still was effective in doing its job for the people. They made sure that there were no weapons or bombs that could threaten others from boarding their flights. After the traumatic 9/11 attack, the world looked at airport security in a different way and this is when things started to change. The attacks showed the world how the old system had been taken advantage of and how much improvement the airports needed to become secure.
In the past few years the public has become vocal about airport security and their right to privacy. The issue has been with the new found security measures created by the government after unfortunate events with terrorist. However, the public may be upset with these new rules and regulations but they were designed for the reason of protecting the public from harm while traveling by plane. The public should get use to changes because they are beneficial to us and aren’t causing harm to us. In a recent incident that brought back memories of the 9/11 experience was in December of 2009. An individual on a flight tried but unsuccessfully tried to blow up the plane before landing in Detroit. Even after going through metal detectors and other increased security, but terrorist were still able to sneak explosive on to the plane. This recent incident caused the TSA to use low-level X-rays and millimeter-wave full body imaging. In 2002, these two different types of body scanners were introduced (15 Condon).
I think it’s a good idea to keep improving our airport security worldwide so the government can reinsure to individuals their safety. I’m almost 20 years old and have yet stepped foot onto an airplane for the simple fact that the security isn’t where it should be. Accidents are still happening within the system with the many changes the government has made. Ashley Smith, of BSIA (British Security industry Association) says to “turn security