Security Technologies And Methodologies

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Security Technologies and Methodologies
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Security Technologies & Methodologies

In today’s computer based world there are several potential and devastating threats like hackers, viruses, worms, and Trojans etc. to our computers, networks, and confidential information. So as to protect any computers, networks, and confidential information the installation of security applications is vital and hardware systems to protect our confidential information, computers, and networks. Some of the most popular Internet security systems are firewalls, intrusive prevention system, intrusive detection system, access control, and cryptographic tools and processes. However, there is no Internet security application or
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An IPS may be host-based which means it only monitors traffic from one specific host or an IPS may be net-work based which means and monitors an entire network. Identifying a vulnerability within a system is just as important as implementing a risk management strategy.
Risk Management Strategy Implementing a risk management strategy ought to be created by the effort of the entire organization. All departments should be involved in the task. It is important that all head departments give input about their area of responsibility to establish exact plan of what the company needs. Every organization is different and should be assessed and addressed accordingly. Reviewing the existing risk management strategy is a good way to start by assuring it is current and up to date. At times it may be necessary to ask for outside help. Having an outside source can help give direction to where to start. Creating long term plans will motivate the organization to move forward with the strategy (Skillsoft, 2011). As technology continues to evolve so will the threats and vulnerabilities. Organizations must be prepared to protect the intangible assets of the company. Planning, additional sources, income, and other factors are needed in order to protect valuable information. It is a task for an entire organization to be involved in. Employees must be willing to protect those assets as well that is including from