Essay about Security: Wi-fi and Wireless Access Point

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What is my project (

The UK has a very intensive Rail network system which spreads out across the whole country.
It is used by millions of users. There is currently 21000 miles of track lied out across the network.
According to in the year 2010 1.32 billion people used the trains.
This is statistic show the magnitude off the rail and that there is hugh potential in using is client base.

According to national statistics 30.1 million adults in the UK where using internet every day, this is more then 60 percent of the adult population.
In line with the amount of users now online they has also been a rise in users watching TV and Listening to the radio over the internet which in 2010 reached 17.4 million a day.

Social networking has also risen in popularity with more then 65 percent of those online users using different types of social networking websites, chat rooms and blogs.
What this shows is that we are living in the digital age were 70 percent of us need to be able to access information from the web.

Now we now that there was 1.2 billion user of the rail network and we also now that more then half of the UK adult population use internet daily. We therefore argue the point that more then half of the rail network users use internet which means more then 600 million users of the rail network are internet users.

Another statistic tells us that a recent study has shown that more then 80 percent of the adult population carry a mobile phone and 40 percent of those are wifi enabled.

While on a trains user mostly access the internet via their mobile network provider, and this service is not great while on a fast moving train.

User encounter loss of signal poor reception and rarely seem to have a good connection at all.

The aim of my project is to provide a constant internet signal on a moving train utilising wireless connectivity. This will aloow users to connect to the internet while on the train using any wireless enabled devices such as Tablet Pc, mobile phone, laptop exe....

As wifi signal from one router is limited I will be intending to use many routers which will run along the train track.
Power to them will be provided by the power terminals already existing along train track and phone-line.

This will provide train customers to access internet constantly through out their journey with no loss of signal and speed.

What will I use:
Types of technology available for accessing the internet
( accessed on 16-02-2011

Mobile Broadband (
There are two ways in which you can connect to a mobile broadband, if you have a smart phone which has HSPDA you can access fast mobile broadband or you can purchase a USB Dongle from most mobile network providers.
Most major cities in the UK are covered by the 3G network
The advantage of using mobile Broadband is that it has a larger coverage then wireless network. Where ever you can get a reasonable mobile connection you are more than likely to get a good mobile broadband connection.
Mobile broadband has its downsides, as you are using the mobile phone provider’s network the quality of the signal you receive can vary from a good signal to a very poor signal, thus loss of connection occurs. When using mobile broadband on a train you can expect to lose connection very often as trains go under tunnels and bridges, this makes for a bad user experience.

Satellite Broadband ( (
High speed internet that uses a satellite dish on the receiving side similar to what satellite TV uses.
The way in which internet is accessed is very similar to how Satellite television is received, a BIRD orbiting the earth beams down data to your dish.
The way it works is you