Security With Encryption

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Security with Signcryption

Clayton Kobeda



Signcryption is a recently newer technology that is still in the process of being developed and made completely efficient. The purpose is to take the previous sign then encrypt method but by killing two birds with one stone. The technology is a scheme which can produce secret and authenticated messages sent between different parties. This method is created to sign and encrypt a message or packet in one step saving computational cost while still being highly secure.
Keeping a network confidential and authentic is a necessity to staying secure. Signcryption uses a public key algorithm to produce a digital signature and encryption. Using this method end users will be provided with integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. Both keys in the process
(private and public) come from a trusted party known as the private key generator. A model like this has proven to provide more security from cipher attacks and single targeted attacks. Both computational cost and communication overheads will be dropped significantly using the sign and encrypt approach.

The world we live in today is a fast pace and high innovative place. Where new inventions are being made every day. A lot of these great improvements have been made towards the technology area. It is incredible how much information can be sent back and forth to one another or from company to company now a days. One of the huge downfalls of this cuttingedge technology is how vulnerable the information is to the rest of the world. People have a relationship with the internet and most people trust it regardless of how little they know about it.
Not only do people trust it but you also must account for the unaccountable such as your son or daughter accidently sending or making confidential information available to the public. What if someone figured out your password or had access to your computer or even simply your email account. A lot of damage can be done when someone gets a hold of a user’s credentials. This raises the question how do we keep our information secure in such a deceptive world filled with cyber criminals and thieves?
The most effective way to secure your information is to have digital signatures to verify you are who you say you are, and cryptography, the study of different techniques used to secure information when a third party is involved. This technology is a mix of electrical engineering, computer science, and math. The process is to share an encrypted message through a decoding technique to receive a packet from a specific sender to a certain recipient avoiding any unwanted third parties. These techniques use a highly sophisticated algorithm which is near impossible to reversely execute, meaning any third party who can identify the given cipher text will not be able to determine any information about the original packet.

Signcryption is one of the revolutionary technologies designed to protect confidentiality and authenticity at the same time. This technology was designed by Yuliang Zheng, who is a current professor at Charlotte continuing his research in the college of Computing and Informatics.
“Zheng known as the father of the Signcryption technology, published over 200 scholarly articles and books on security and holds several patents in cyber security.” (ZEIT NEWS)
Zheng first designed Signcryption in 1997. Created to perform the same functions as digital signature and encryption in a single step and to reduce cost when compared to the current sign then encrypt scheme. Performing both these tasks in one will provide more efficiency for companies. After spending almost three years on his research Signcryption became recognized by the International Organization of Standardization. News from the ISO show continuing information of cyber-attacks and crime all around the world. ““Zheng says the application will also enhance the security and privacy of cloud computing. “The adoption of