People That Have Made An Impact On Each Other's Live?

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In my opinion a family includes 3-5 people that have made an impact on each other’s live. They can be related biologically but may include nonrelatives such as friends. I come from an average size middle to low class family that lives in an apartment complex. Recently my mom was unemployed because her job left the country and my step father is employed part time. My family brings in less than $1,000.00 a week now that my mom is searching for a job.
We live in Freeport, IL which is a small town located in the middle of nowhere. It is 20 minutes from the Wisconsin state line and the largest city near Freeport is Rockford, IL. Freeport is very family oriented and is considered to have a stable and safe community to raise a family. I consider myself as Baptist which means I believe in God and the Devil. I believe the Devil lives in hell and he wants others to be miserable just as he is. I believe that I will go to heaven one day and God will forgive me for all the sins I have committed if I ask for forgiveness. Every Sunday since I was younger my family has made Sunday dinner a ritual. This means everyone has to attend and sit at the dinner table and eat together.
My brother is 23 years old and he goes to college, has a job, and makes important decisions because he is becoming a man. I am 20 years old and my role in the house as a female is mainly to be successful, cook, clean, and graduate from college. My family is an English first speaking family but somehow we all have