How To Write A Final Project Proposal

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Kelsey Sederstrom
Final Project Proposal

As a Literature student with an emphasis in Environmental Humanities, I am interested in the natural world and environmental criticisms. Tolkien was very descriptive of the terrain traversed by the fellowship. One theme in particular that stood out to me was water. My final project will follow the stream of water through Middle Earth in the form of the script for “Man versus Wild.” In this survival show, Bear Grylls has to find water sources in an hostile environment. Sometimes the water is not safe to drink, and he has to purify it with a variety of methods. In my script, Bear will come into contact with different waters (both natural rivers and the libations of different races) of Middle Earth and explain to viewers if it is safe to drink or not, and why. My project has a modern setting. It won’t be a video, but it has the same set-up as a television episode. Scripts are taken at face value; they are comprised of lines, not analysis. Thus, it is important that I make clear-cut observations. The viewer has to understand my meaning without lengthy explanation. Bear will be telling the story in first person as he experiences it on his trek. Bear has an accent, but I won’t be replicating this. Since I have access to the entire trilogy, I (the script-writer) will have omniscience. Bear will be acting as an observer as he himself journeys through Middle Earth, but he is not one of the characters. Nor will Bear converse with any