Sedgewick Bell In The Film The Emperor's Club

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In the movie The Emperor's Club I believe I am most closely related to Sedgewick Bell because to teachers I tend to be very annoying or disruptive, but, on the inside I am a very smart intelligent person. I agree with a man's character defines his fate, because if a man is a jerk he will have a reputation and might not get a job or a wife. It can really ruin your life if you have a bad character. From my own experiences I see how truly a character helps you thru life. A certain moment I remember was when I was caddying up at Algonquin and one of my dads friends need a caddy and he chose me because of the character he had while they were friends. Another moment was when I was with some girls and we were having a good time and some of the other guys were being jerks and wouldn't talk to the girls and they weren't invited back. Later that month my parents saw …show more content…
I believe this because living justly will help out the people around you instead of just living. Also if u live justly you will get farther in life. In seventh grade I was going to cheat on a vocab test but I decided not to and got a awful grade but at least i was living fair instead of a advantage over the rest of the class. From that moment i never even thought of cheating because i knew in my heart that it was very unfair and unjust. I think I best related to Sedgewick Bell in the movie The Emperor’s Club. I relate to him because in class i tend to be very disruptive and bring the class down with me. When Sedgewick has all the class close their books at the same time it's equivalent to me cracking a joke and disrupting the whole class. I also relate to him because i am very smart when i put in the effort. I think most of the students think of me as the class clown or jack off, but that's not what I want. I would like to be known as one of the smartest kids in the class and most responsible. This is why I think i most relate to Sedgewick