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Seduction: Art Form or Manipulation
He spots her from across the bar. Alone, she sits at the bar, slowly sipping a drink as she sways in her stool to the beat of the song. He makes his way to the bar, debating on approaching her. Taking a seat near her, the man orders a drink. She glances over and gives him a soft smile. He smiles back but quickly turns to his drink, forcing himself not to look over at her. His mind tells him not to talk to her for she will reject his affection like the last one did. He glances over and makes up his mind. The bartender hands the man his drink. After a few sips, he turns to her, and prepares himself for what may happen next. Everywhere one turns, images of seduction meet the eyes. Advertisements in which men and woman entice the viewer with their bodies’ line magazines, billboards and commercials. In a society of casual partners and hook-ups, the meaning of seduction has come to be purely about manipulation to satisfy lust and sex. Seduction is seen as a dirty and sinful word that implies some form of manipulation. But seduction has not always been seen this way. It was once considered an art form, used in courtship to gain a woman’s hand in marriage. Looking at what seduction once was, properties of an accomplished seducer, and what seduction is seen as today, one can decide for themselves whether seduction is an art form or manipulation.
Seduction was once considered to be a sophisticated art form. It was the art of attracting the opposite sex through charm and charisma to gain courtship. At a point in history, the only way a woman could gain social status was through the marriage to gentleman of higher class. Young ladies were
Page 2 taught the art of seduction in order to attract the interest of such gentlemen. The gentleman would then proceed into courtship with the lady. Courtship was the way in which men won the heart of a young lady and eventually her hand in marriage. The man would flatter the lady with compliments, send her lavish gifts of wealth and love, as well as treat her to lovely outings. He would also send the family gifts to impress the father with his status and wealth. They man and woman never shared a bed or had sex until they were married. This “dating process” was used throughout the states although it has gradually faded out. In some areas, especially the Southern states, the art of seduction and courtship remain more prominent and still have its influences today.
Seducers have been portrayed as lustful and sinful creatures. In literature, they were very assertive. But throughout history, seducers have been misunderstood. They were not the sexual deviants that they were seen as. So one may ask, “What is a seducer?" and "What makes an accomplished seducer?” A seducer is a man or woman looking to attract the attention and possible affection of the opposite sex. They love them, treat them well, make them feel good, and are not driven by sexual desires. Seducers are not pick-up artists, a person looking for sex. A good seducer does