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“Seeking to Tell a Story: Political Action from Slavery to Civil Rights”. At this event, the Honorable Kasim Reed, mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Sherry Turner, Executive Director of the Atlanta University Center Consortium, Inc., and Mr. Michael Julian Bond, Atlanta City Council Member, showed up to give greetings and to open up the exhibit. The occasion was giving by Mr. Lonnie King, Founding Chairman of the Atlanta Student Movement. The main speaker of this event was Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, a pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. Other honorary member included Mr. and Mrs. Hank Aaron, Mrs. Lucy Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Russell, and Ambassador Andrew Young and Mrs. Carolyn Young. The Seeking to Tell a Story: Political Action from Slavery to Civil Rights exhibit highlights the black political action taken place in Atlanta, Georgia which is related to the Civil Rights Movement. It featured materials from various collections located at the Research Center, which included the Atlanta Student Movement and Maurice Pennington Political Cartoon Collections. Many students led the Atlanta Student Movement of organized protests and boycotts. The exhibit includes a digital exhibit which complements the onsite display and showcases the 1960s movement through photographs, flyers, newspaper clippings, and correspondence. The Archives Research Center offers a very well maintained collection which reflects the diverse contributions achievements and experiences of the African Americans and the African diaspora. The collections are valuable teachings and learning resources for many educators and scholars. They document subjects including civil rights, race relations, African American education, literature, African visual and performing arts, African American religion, politics, and social work. Many of the rare manuscripts, first edition printings, photographs, personal papers and other materials date back to the early history. Other primary resources at the