Seetting and Acheiving Goals Essay

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Marsden Dyson and Zack Canova
Adv. English 12
Mrs. Hornung Some people say that with dedication, persistence, and time people can accomplish any goal. Others say that people are limited in what they can accomplish and need to be realistic when setting goals.
Shooting For the Stars Some people believe that dedication, persistence, and time people can accomplish any goal. Everyone should have goals when striving to achieve a specific task. Goal setting is used by top level athletes, successful business man, and achievers in all fields. A wise athlete once said, “Without time and effort put towards ones goal for the sport, you are nearly wasting your time and your teams time and you will never achieve ones goal for that
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The tour was the tour underneath the PGA tour where Dyson dominated play with 22 victories in two years.
Dyson finally was invited to his first time on the PGA Tour at Augusta National home to the Masters. Marsden had been waiting years for this moment; he did make the cut for the final two days of the tournament. The young golf was inexperienced at majors but he held his own going into the final round trailing Rickie Fowler by one stroke. His hard work and dedication came into play on that April Sunday where he blew out the field and shot a 63 to win the Masters by six shots.
Marsden Dyson finally earned his first Green Jacket at the Masters at the age of 24. With dedication, hard work, and persistence is put into ones goal anything can be accomplished. Marsden is a true story of that, not a lot of golfers gets to say they won the prestige Green Jacket at Augusta National. Dyson just put a lot of dedication and hard work in where it mattered the most for his goal. The outstanding golfer once said,” When you find that goal dedication, hard work, and persistence comes easy to you because you love what you are doing even if it gets rough all that path.” When it comes to Shooting For the Stars set any goal you want just put out the work that is needed to