Segment Groups In Tesco

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Florence Shaw.
Unit 3- Introduction to Marketing.
Businesses put their customers into segment groups as they can find who to sell to and how to promote their product. These groups could be based on social class, gender, age or other factors a business looks for when promoting a product.
Iced Gems:
Iced Gems are one example of a product that is aimed at a specific target audience; this audience being children. The packaging of the product is blue and has a picture of a polar bear to link to the ‘ice’. This shows the relevance of the image to the product and that the colours chosen for the packaging was thought about correctly. The packaging also has images of the iced gems themselves on it which appeals to both the buyers and consumers (parents and children) as they can see what they are buying.
The iced gems already being in specific packages is something else that is appealing to the buyers as it is easy for the parents to give to children, for example in a lunch box they won’t have the worry of wrapping the food themselves. The price of iced gems being £1.69 for 6 individual packets in Tesco works out to be around 28p a pack. The cheap price of the product will appeal to mostly working class parents as it is easy and affordable. The product is mostly demographic as only a selection of the population are interested in buying these, therefor the product will need to be advertised in areas their target audience will see them.
TV adverts is one way of advertising this type of product however will need to be accurately chosen to insure they are seen by the buyers. A children’s TV channel is one place it will be seen by both children and adult however the time of the advert is also important. The advert should be shown around 4-7 when children will be finishing school and likely to watch some TV within this time. The place the product is placed in the supermarket is another factor of how well it will sell or not. Placing the product on a top self will be unlikely to sell and be something children spot and pick up for their parents to buy. Therefor it should be placed on a low shelf eye level for the children so it can draw their attention and potentially be brought.
Clarks school shoes:
Clark’s school shoes are a product based for younger children such as primary school students from the age of 4+. The product is aimed at working to middle class parents as it is aimed towards people who can afford good quality shoes to insure their children grow up wearing suitable and supportive shoes for good development.
The product involves a toy in the heel of the shoe in both the boy and girl shoe, this is a pull factor for the children as it is fun for them meaning bigger sale. This is an idea Clarks are very known for therefor with children being at school and a majority having this shoe it will influence other children and parents to buy the shoe. This is one type off free advertising of the shoe and is a very clever idea.
The price of the shoe is around £40 and is a reasonable price for working class parents however lower class may struggle to afford this and have to buy a cheaper alternative. With children’s feet constantly growing it may be difficult for parents especially in a lower class to get their children these shoes therefor I believe the target audience is working or middle class.
Land Rover Discovery:
The land rover discovery is a product aimed at the middle to Upper class; it can be used for many different reasons. The product could be aimed as a family car, a car for travel and off road or a car for show and personal benefit. The car has a start price of £41,595.00 and ranges upwards.
The advertising of the Land rover will not be major as only a selection of people are interested in buying them due to their high price and specific purposes. The adverts could be found in car magazines and occasionally TV or online. They will not however been seen by all of the generally public as it is not something everyone will