Seinfeld and Kramer Essay

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For the mediated speech Dev, Bryan, Sal and myself had a few ideas. For a project like this where there were so many possibilities and different directions that we could have gone with, we really wanted to do something that interested us all and not a boring assignment on a trashy pop star or some dead guy from 50 years ago. Sal had mentioned a story to us where a few of his friends had gone out to the bars a few nights prior and saw something pretty disturbing. A bouncer at the bar local to all 4 of us in New Brunswick had gotten extremely physical with a student. While waiting in line Sal’s friends witnessed this bouncer push a student out of the door, down a small flight of steps where his head landed on the cement and began to gush blood. His friends also mentioned that the bouncer had stuck the student in the face with his fist prior to pushing him and apparently the reason was very miniscule but these two had been in a prior argument at the same establishment a few weeks beforehand. When we heard this story I told them of a time just the weekend before where I personally witnessed a similar incident. I was at the Olive Branch bar right on the College Ave campus where a bouncer got a bit over aggressive with one of my friends for smashing a glass. He was grabbed by the neck and dragged out of the front door. After comparing stories we decided to go with an anti inspiration topic about the abuse of power, and more specifically about abusive power that bouncers often display at bars with paying customers. This is something that local police should be aware of, students should be aware of, and also bar owners and the bouncers themselves. Behavior like this is no different then a person hitting or striking another person right in front of a bar and getting arrested for assault. For our Mediated speech we interviewed a person that viewed the first incident with a front row seat, then I was involved in the other interview. We had a slight problem because our original witness wasn’t able to make it so at the last minute we got someone else who was there and saw the same thing. We conducted the interview at the Sigma Kappa