Essay on Select a Movie or Tv Show That Effectively Communicates the Cultural, Values and Norms of a Society That Is Different from Your Own Culture. Ideally, This Movie or Tv Show Would Be a Foreign Film with Subtitles. the

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The Story of India
SSCI210-1101B-08: Sociology
American Intercontinental University

Abstract As a society many are not aware that development can be more compelling through knowledge about other society’s life experiences. Even when becoming aware, societies continue with the lack of knowledge. This results in consequences in these societies and with international relations. There are tremendous forms of ethnocentrism that can cause crucial social problems, such as ethnic cleansing, colonialism, and racism. Many of these views are destined by world communities, however many frequently see the cases.

The Story of India The Story of India is a six set series that tells about one of the world’s largest democracies and the
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Even this can differ in European Union and Asian countries. In Italy, women who are in adverts can be seen wearing only underwear, such as the one where Liz Hurley crawls into a car in her underwear. In some countries they are open-minded when it involves sex and nudity. On the other hand, India is very different. Women’s rights have always been an issue and struggle in India. Women are usually mistreated or beaten for their actions, (Human Rights for Women in India, 2000). There are a number of things to consider with worldwide business. Some habit that is normal in one culture can be very rude in another. For instance, in Japan if one is giving out a business car, the receiver is supposed to take the card with both hands and read it immediately. If not done this way, it is considered disrespectful and rude. These types of things are important to be aware of. Culture is spreading and people have been moving to different countries. In North America there is a large percentage of population that originates from another country, (American Factfinder, 2011). This can show that people are spreading their culture. Typically when people live away from their country, they bring their culture with them, such as food and religion. For the large multi-nation corporations it’s vital to ensure they know about the cultural around them. It is especially important for the managers to understand how