Selection Criteria For Customer Service

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Selection criterion : Strong face to face customer service experience

Response: When the first week I become a supervisor. Our general manager was on a business trip in China and the operation manager's wife got the heart attack, so he have to be in hospital with his wife. Even he called me and told me the task we need to complete today. I still need to communicate with other staff about what they going to do. And there is a important customer from China will come today have a meeting about a 30tons fish order. I ringed the customer to see if he can find another time to come and sit down with our head manager. He said even so he'd like to come and walk around the factory at that day. That made me have to be the person who going to help them out. I used my strong commutation skill to introduce them the factory and let them had a general idea about how the factory runs and believe that we can be trusted. The question he asked at the first is “ why should i chose you but not others exporter with cheaper price?” my answer to him is “ well, i understand price is very important in business but other important thing is quality and stability. In the last 4 years, we have become the largest abalone exporter to China and all of our customer have the best quality of fish and enough fish supply. “ Because he is from China, I was able to talk him in Chinese and make him feel closer to me and