Selective attention Essay

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Signal detection theory or also known as Detection theory, is the ability to separate between stimuli which is information we see and hear and random patterns that distract from the information (called noise. In addition it describes one of the more important cognitive tasks the brains perform. A person with a good signal detection is able to block out distractions and focus on the important cues to completing the task.
People use signal detection every day, having a conversation with somebody in a crowded place might seem like an easy task, but it’s up to your brain to block out the unwanted noise in the background so you are able to understand the other person talking. Pilot deal with these types of situations on a day to day business. Pilots must focus all their attention on flying the air craft but there will always be distractions eg. Radio communication, noises from the cockpit, lights and more and more these day’s electronic devices’.
A good pilot is able to block such distractions and is able to focus more of their attention of flying. Often this occurs with outside of your conscious. Sign detection can be affected be many things such as your arousal level, mental state and environment. A low arousal level can lower your signal detection, meaning less information is taken in and is often referred to as ‘zoning out’. Your mood or metal state can also affect your signal detection, if you are concentrated your signal detection will be able to block the noise in the