Selena Quintanilla Essay

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We all know Selena Quintanilla, a young, beautiful, Mexican-American, talented woman who was taken away from us. Here’s the thing, her legacy thrives as though as she’s still here. Selena Quintanilla’s memory is amazingly strong and it’s not only what she did for the music industry it’s also her fans carrying on her legacy. She was a revolutionary singer that opened more doors for Latino artist, she broke the traditional ways Tejano. Today pop culture figures resemble her and some even say she was a huge inspiration for them. Her career began as a child and from there she blossomed into a woman that would change the music scene forever. This amazing human being was taken from this world way too soon, but she was an unforgettable talent that had accepted who she was and represented both of her …show more content…
Abraham Quintanilla wanted his kids to start a family band. He himself was part of a band for many years named “Los Dinos”. He put his son, A.B. on the bass and his other daughter, Suzette on the drums, and of course Selena as the singer. They had performed for many events such as weddings, parties, festivals and their family restaurant “PapaGayos”. The start of their career was difficult because they were a female fronted band that performed Tejano music, which was mostly male based. Selena was talented enough to overcome the traditional ways of Tejano music. “The way she represented us...It’s important that people keep remembering her as that figure. A lot of doors opened the way she achieved to open them in the market where a U.S. citizen can make a living singing in Spanish and traditional music from their country.”( Marc Anthony). The obstacles that she faced helped artist be who they are and to represent themselves. By being who she was, she conquered a lot in her short life. Selena wasn’t afraid to cover up neither of her cultures she was proud of she