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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Call To Action Donating to the wish list or volunteering at the boys and girls club
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to donate to the boys and girls club, and how by doing this can not only benefit themselves but others that are involved in this club to prevent them of wanting to being involved in a gang and their affiliation.
Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Visual Aid: Poster and wish list donation
A. Attention Getter: “March 31st, 2009 in the evening, a boy named Brandon Simmons ran. He ran past his neighbor’s houses, past the grassy yards, where he played as a little boy. The 16 year old football player at White Creek High School had dreams of sprinting on a NFL field someday, but on this night he was running for his life. The bullets caught up with Brandon and sent him tumbling into a neighbor’s bushes. He was shot multiple times to death by the gang called the S-13’s.” You lose your youngest son; you feel your whole life has been taken away from you.” The killing has to stop. This gang stuff has to stop.” Said his mother Kesha Simmons, according to the Tennessean article. Now imagine if that someone who was important to you, a friend, a sister, a brother, or whomever that you are close too, that died by gang violence and they had hopes and dreams just like Brandon Simmons did.
B. Purpose Statement: This is why today, I motivate all of you to go volunteer in the boys and girls club, or even donate to their wish list. To help teens and kids who may look up to us, and show them that there is activities to get involved in than joining a gang and participating in there brutal activities that they participate in.
C. ID of Opposition/ Fair Hearing: Now, I know some of you may think that by volunteering at the boys and girls club, will not change the number and statistics in crime rates, or put an end to gang violence and the affiliation. However, hopefully throughout my speech you will realize that anything can help by being involved in the community and helping these young people or whomever to change their life around, and make the final decision of volunteering or donating to the wish list of the boys and girls club.
D. Significance: People that are involved in the boys and girls club have made a difference in someone’s life.
E. Credibility: From researching about more in this topic, and from my personal experience being involved in the boys and girls club. Showed me how much of a positive impact I had on someone’s life and giving them futuristic views. Also, knowing that I am keeping them away from joining or being involved in creating or increasing gang violence and the affiliation.
F. Preview Statement: After explaining why you all should volunteer and donate to the boys and girls club. I hope you will decide to help prevent kids, teens, and just people in general from joining gangs and being in gang activities.
Transition: Now, let’s begin with the reason people need to get involved and help the boys and girls club. Body
II. Need Step
A. “A gang is an organized criminal group” according to However, gangs are basically like cliques to get in and people who are within that specific clique, you will be able to depend on them and they will always have your back. However, in these cliques involves drugs, money, and committing crimes, such as killing someone who is innocent or someone who is another clique. “Nearly 800,000 gang members and 27,000 gangs operate across the 50 states.” According to the Justice Department survey.
B. There are many gangs within West, TN, such as the Vice Lords, Bloods, Crypts, Latin Lords, The Folks, The Real G’s, and The Ms-13. However, “ record of violence so brutal, so long, that some federal agencies consider MS-13, the most serious gang threat our country face.” According to local8now headline. Gangs