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Selex Galileo: A Leader in Defense Systems
Amber Tucker
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Managerial Accounting-MGMT 517

Abstract A look inside an Italian-based, leading global defense company reveals roots dating back to discoveries made by the famous, Galileo Galilei in the 1500s. The introduction of the telescope along with the realization of Jupiter’s satellites, and speed of falling objects have been the backbone of Selex Galileo. The company exhibits a strong willingness to work alongside competitors to maintain global defense measures. The staggering 17% commitment of revenue to Research and Development make Selex Galileo a company that maintains flexibility and innovation throughout changing times and demands. Company profits of 2014 are probably well above the 2011 revenues that totaled over 3.5 billion Euros. With an ever-decreasing military budget, Selex Galileo is finding ways to continue its strides and success.

In the teachings of astronomy, “Galileo” is credited as the Italian astronomer and mathematician that first used a telescope to study the stars. This leap in science occurred during his lifetime, 1564-1642. He has also been credited with discovering that different weights will descend at the same rate. He perfected the refracting telescope during his lifetime. The perfecting of the telescope led to his discovery of Jupiter’s satellites, sunspots, and craters on the Earth’s moon. Because of Galileo Galilei’s advances in the area of astronomy, the United States later named a space probe to Jupiter “Galileo”, in 1989. (Galileo, n.d.)
Company Background
Selex Galileo (SG) is a subsidiary of an Italian based company called Finmeccanica. SG is a collaboration of companies. Its original company dates back to the Marconi Company founded in 1898 in the United Kingdom. “In 1946 the company was acquired by the English Electric Company, before being taken over by GEC, a leading defense contractor. Further acquisitions included Plessey (1989) with its radar and aircraft systems and Ferranti (1993), a supplier of electronics and radar. The defense activities of GEC were then acquired by British Aerospace in 1999 to form BAE Systems, and in 2005 Finmeccanica took over these activities to form a sensors and electro optics group that was named SELEX Galileo in 2008.” (History, n.d.)
A Compilation of Companies
The now “Selex Galileo” is composed of a few other companies. Former company “Sensors and Airborne Systems Limited (SELEX)” joined with BAE Systems Avionics group and Finmeccanica’s Galileo Avionica. Selex went by the names of Selex ES, Selex Elsag, and Selex Sistemi Integrati before branding into the now “Selex Galileo” signifying its partnership with the Selex companies and Finmeccanica’s Galileo Avionica S.p.A. This partnership under the consolidated name occurred in January 2010. (Shields, 2014)
Company Profile
Selex Galileo is a world leader in integrated sensor solutions. SG is a world leader in protection, targeting, surveillance, tracking, navigation and control and imaging systems. The company is Europe's third largest defense electronics business. (Selex Galileo LTD, n.d.) In 2007, SG had global revenues of 1,755 Euros. (Selex Galileo: Case Study) SG develops and markets defense electronics for electronic warfare, battlefield surveillance, communications, tracking, targeting, navigation and control, situational awareness systems and imaging systems for land, sea, air and space platforms, and applications. The United States Company of Selex Galileo is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with operations in Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona and Georgia. (Company Overview of Selex Galileo, 2015)
Global Footprint
Selex Galileo is an international company with its core domestic operations based in Italy and the United Kingdom. It has a global footprint that extends into Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States of