Facilitation Skills And Ethical Principles In Youth Work And Trainings

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Title of the essay: Self-analysis on practicing facilitation skills and ethical principles in youth work/trainings


1. Facilitation Skills

Activity preparation

To ‘facilitate’ means literally to make easier. At the beginning however, group participants needs to see my role as a facilitator more clearly.
I believe that when I have a good performance during activity facilitation it’s because my pre preparation for the activity. It may be a boring and tiring process but it necessary and from crucial importance to pass this step. Because when i study topic of the activity it push me to reflect about it, and carefully understand the activity flowing i wish to implement.
As the student with whom I work group
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I will show respect for each participant and try to make them welcomed in activities i organize. During the start of any activity together with participants we bring rules of the training one of the rule is always RESPECT EACH OTHER.

Respect and promote young people’s rights to make their own
Decisions and choices:

I appreciate the fact we are all diverse and we can have different view on same topic. This doesn’t and shouldn’t make us enemies, on the contrary it show’s our and makes our mutual learning more varied and richer. Respecting each other is a value; i proceed with value believing in that our differences are our values.

Promote and ensure the welfare and safety of young people:

I think it’s very important that group members feel safe during working sessions. In order to have such an ambience I always check the working place, neighborhood, political situation. It’s my responsibility to take about security and welfare measures percussions.

Contribute towards the promotion of social justice

Through education, mediation, lobbying, capacity building activities I always try to facilitate integration of all communities and groups into the society that will directly influence improvement of social