Self and Rote Enjoys Problem Essay

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Age Physical Cognitive Social/Emotional Communication Moral
0-1 month May lift head
Hands held in fists and grasped
Head and eyes move together - Alert - Alert, gazes intently at carers - Cries 4 months Uses arms for support when on stomach
Turn from back to side
Sit upright if supported
Hands open
Will hold and shake small objects - Begins to repeat simple acts: bang/kick musical toy - Smiles, engages with carer Babbling, coo’s and ‘oohs’
Squeals 8 months Sits steadily
Effort to move (crawling or shuffling)
Uses index/middle finger to form a grasp with thumb
Takes and holds small brick Shows curiosity and wonder in new events and objects
Uses an action that knows is a ‘means to an end’: uses reaching ability to get something
Searches for lost objects
Enjoys games(peek a boo) Alters behaviour
Interested in all around them
Knows the difference between familiar and unfamiliar people
Begins to show stranger anxiety ‘Lalala’ stage, squeals, shreaks
Enjoys own voice engages in conversation 1 year Walks holding adult or furniture
Stands alone
Falls easily and can’t go around obstacles
Enjoys self feeding and sometimes hold large jigsaws Enjoys exploratory play, rough and tumble
Enjoys looking at bright bold pictures Wants to explore
Stays close to carer
Shows emotion
Begin being aware of emotions of others Knows own name
Understands simple instructions 18 months - 2 years Usually walks steadily
Walks up stairs with hands held
Climbs onto furniture
Tries to kick ball and may show a right or left preference when kicking and holding crayon
Squats to pick things up
Can usually build a tower of six or more bricks
Can hold crayon
Enjoys scribbling
Can assist with dressing and undressing
Eats well and can use spoon and perhaps fork or other implement Begins to understand that events have causes and consequences
Imitates actions of those around him/her
Plays alone but watches the play of others
Beginning to pretend to play
Enjoys picture books. Beginning to have a very early idea about time
Has belief in ‘magical’ power of thought
Matches simple shapes and colours
Can begin to name body parts ‘Stranger shyness’ and dislikes being separated from carers and change in routine
Growing independence but also very dependant
Beginning of toilet training and may indicate a need to ‘go’
May have a tantrum if upset
Can show sympathy to others
Has developed separate sense of ‘self’
Can identify self in mirror
Has little idea of sharing and a strong sense of ‘mine’ Can say around 6-10 recognisable words although many children may be able to say from 20-100 words
Usually understand many more words
Enjoys familiar songs and rhymes
May arrange words together Sensitive to adult approval and disapproval, despite tantrums and bursts of anger
Usually appears self-reliant and wants to be good but is not yet mature enough to be able to carry out most promises
3-4 years Stand and walk on tiptoes
Stand on 1 leg briefly
Walks around obstacles and kicks ball
Builds tower of 9 or 10 bricks and can build a bridge with bricks
Threads large beads, can often undo and fasten buttons Asks ‘why’ all the time
Wants to explore
Can put objects in sequences: match red brick, yellow, red, yellow etc
Can count from 3-10 by rote
Enjoys problem solving Talks about feelings/fears strong sense of self including gender shows less anxiety about strangers & separations can begin to use language confidently to express needs plays with others by 4, sociable and talkative -Knows several nursery rhymes
Uses sentence structure frequently, vocabulary continues to increase and pronunciation improves
Storytelling and songs Begins to know right from wrong
Finds others opinions of self to be important
More self-controlled and less aggressive
Uses extreme verbal threats without understanding full implications
4-5 years Builds large tower
Threads small objects
Draws person with head, body and legs