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ou MUST come up with individual “themes” for your speeches of introduction. Start by making a list of your interests, significant experiences, goals, hobbies, etc. Next choose the most interesting theme that will help us get to know you (i.e. Sports, pets, dancing, children, and politics). You will then come up with three facts/points related to your theme. Don’t just give us the facts – tell stories, give examples, and explain what the facts/points reveal about you. Be creative! Time yourself to make sure put together enough information to give a 1 ½ - 2 minute speech. You will give a full 1 ½ - 2 minute speech (intro, body, and conclusion) on your theme. Examples of Themes and Main Points: Dancing Fanatic
1) Go dancing every weekend with friends
2) Favorite TV show is “Dancing With The Stars”
3) Once tried out for “Star Search” as a child Sports, a family tradition
1) Great grandfather is a boxing champion – grew up around boxing
2) Met spouse at a baseball game – have children in little league
3) Journalism major and dream of working for ESPN

SPEECH FORMAT: Time: 1 ½ - 2 minutes

Introduction: The Introduction should have three parts: 1) an attention getter, 2) a purpose/central idea statement, and 3) a preview. See the pdfhandout on “How to Write a Speech of Introduction” in this section to see more detailed instructions and samples. Body: Choose 3 of the most interesting facts/experiences, etc… about yourself related to your chosen theme. These will be your three main points. Use transitions to connect your points and help with the flow of your speech. Again, see detailed instructions and samples under the “How to…” Handout.

Conclusion: The Conclusion should have two parts: 1) a summary and wrap up of your speech’s main points and 2) a memorable closing