Self Concept Part 2

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Jordan Scheftz
Speech 5
Professor Dinger
February 20, 2015


1. One element of my self- concept that I have identified in part 1 of the homework is that I am optimistic. The reason that I believe this has resulted in reflected appraisal is because I never realized it until my mother and father pointed it out to me just the other day. I have recently had to make a big decision and that was to leave the school and team that I played for last year and the beginning of this year. I played baseball at the University of California, Irvine and I loved the school and my teammates but I did not feel that I was going anywhere as a student and I did not feel I was getting better as a baseball player, it just was not the right fit for me. So I decided to transfer to Saddleback to continue to play baseball and to hopefully find a school and coaches that were better suited for me. As I went about this I was of course nervous and scared because I left the security of knowing I had a place to go that had already accepted me into the school and play the sport I love. Meanwhile through all of this my parents were nervous wrecks, I had to be the one to calm them down. I officially transferred from UCI during winter break, I met with the Saddleback baseball coach and I immediately felt I had made the right decision. Once practices had started I felt right at home, I have been here only a couple months but I feel like I am learning and growing as both a student and a baseball player. Through this process I felt it was important to keep up hope and a positive attitude, just because this one road did not end up working out I can create a million others. So going through this process has made me realize that I am an optimistic person and I had not even realized until my parents told me how proud they were of me for being so positive. I intend to continue to “live up” to this label by always keeping a positive attitude and never giving up hope, because like I said before once one path closed another one opens.
2. Everyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time expressing what I am thinking or feeling, usually the people I am closest to know what I am feeling without me having to say anything. So with this I have never really learned how to express myself. So being in college and having roommates it has created some challenges that I was not expecting to have to deal with. Last year I lived in the dorms with one of my teammates, his name is Alex. We got very close last year along with 2 other teammates of ours, so we decided to all live together our sophomore year. Over the summer Alex started dating this girl from our school, so all of the boys in the house including me had girlfriends. We moved into our beach house 3 weeks before school officially started, so we had time to hangout with each other. The day we moved in we all had dinner together and we thought it was going to be the start of an incredible year together with our closest friends. The next day all of our girlfriends came over and we were all hanging out when we realized Alex and his girlfriend had locked themselves in his room all day. We invited them to come join us in the water, we invited them to lunch, and dinner but they said they wanted to do their own thing. We have now been living in the house for 6 months and it is the same story almost every day. The three of us boys have gotten extremely close, they are like brothers to me but Alex who I used to consider my best friend is now distant to all of us, it feels like we are living with a stranger. As time has passed I have tried to knock on his door and talk to him but every time I try the conversation seems to go the opposite direction I was intending end up. I used to not even think about not being able to express myself because everyone around me knows me so well that I do not have to express my feelings. So now if I ever start to think about talking to Alex I always tell myself