Self Discrimination In Society

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Being an openly gay individual can be exasperating for some who brave the criticism from the people they care about, others they know, the belief system they fostered, as well as their established set of values imposed onto them in a heteronormative society (Muraco). With a demanding cultural environment, shaming those who unveil their once secluded sexual orientation, an individual could be reluctant to expose their non-heterosexualism. Despite the discrimination one might experience, they should not have the belief they must obscure an identity that opposes society's accepted ideology (Clarke, Ellis, Peel, & Riggs, 2010).
Jared Horsford, a twenty-six-year-old former Texas Tech University student who was a self-proclaimed, “golden,” boy of
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Horsford and I delegated our self-worth in well-being into others, striving to conform to our recognized social norms and cultural context, while endangering our mental health from the stress from our environment (Muraco). Conversely, we both engrossed our efforts into pursuing our higher education, seizing the amalgamation of who we are, after consulting with ourselves along with a bit of critical self-reflection (Jared Horsford). Overcoming our divergent identity crises, Horsford and I conquered our preconceived instinctual notions, instilled in our minds since childhood, coinciding with society's conventional …show more content…
He transferred his confounding courage to maintain his firm beliefs in his faith, contradicting the ministry's seemingly absurd credos. Authenticating that his Christian peers' views towards gay individuals were illogical, Horsford obtained his sexual identity without adverse effects the church declared incriminating. By developing into one of the perceived "abominations," his church expels, Horsford acknowledged his ministry's mistakes (Jared Horsford).
Verifying that being gay is not as condemning as Christianity teaches, Horsford experienced what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ community first hand. Within his life experience, the young, gay-identified man acquired an open mind towards a non-heteronormative culture. By sharing his internal discord with his homosexuality, Horsford aspired to promote a positive social change within the religious community, not only within his cultural environment but to others as