Essay on Self: Empiricism and Philosophy Theory

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I do not think other people see me as I see myself. People are swift to put you in a place that they are comfortable with, to make it easier on themselves. It usually requires a pre-judgment, but they do it anyway. I don’t think anyone is really seeing someone. For example if a picture of someone is shown to 10 people there will be 10 different perspectives. As humans we show what we want people to see or sometimes people see what they want to perceive. You can get others opinions for surface value or the physical, but deep within, you'll be the one to know who you really are. I have made the inside of the collage black and white for a reason. White is a strong color, in my collage it represent goodness, innocence and my purity as a Christian. It reflects a positive connotation and can also illustrate my character traits of kindness. Black represents power and mystery. It is to exhibit how I am a mystery; no one fully knows who I am and what I am capable of. The picture that has color is to show breaking free of a colorless society and to show uniqueness that I am original and not a copy. Empiricism is the philosophy theory that all knowledge comes from experience. When we are born, we are a blank slate, we learn from what is going on around us. For example the knowledge of pain, in order to know what pain is a person has to experience it. Empiricism involves the 5 senses, taste, touch, feel, smell and seeing. How would someone know what the color pink looks like if they…