Self Employment And Taxation Essay

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Self Employment and Taxation

Self Employment definition:
Being a self employed tennis coach means you are earning money for yourself from customers, clients, or other organizations as opposed to yourself being employed by a person or business.
Self employed people usually find their own work rather than being provided work by an employer. They will earn their income from a trade or selling a product that people want. In this instance it would be tennis coaching.
Self employed tennis coaches basically sell themselves to people that want to improve their tennis. As this is what coaches are there to do, improve players.

A lot of clubs and centres now contract their coaches as self employed. They become easier to manage and for the coaches they get more responsibility at the club and can attract their own players to come to the courts and have individual as long as that is ok with the head coach and manager of the club.
This can increase participation levels around the area, improve players level of coaching if they come and have that coach at that venue, and it will promote the club if good players are attracted to a coach at the club.
Many coaches get a lot of cash in hand because they are usually dealing with
£10-£50 individuals and group sessions around this area, you have to claim your income and prove that you are earning a certain amount. Tax avoidance can lead to legal action being taken.

Most local and smaller clubs the owner is usually the head coach and therefore self employed. They employ a team of coaches to work for them under different contracts, for example some coaches might be given a lot of time at the club.
The coaches will work for this individual.
The owner manages the finances and the income will go through them and split off to the coaches.
A self-employed tennis coach might not be…