Self-esteem Essay

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7.6 Be able to promote individuals wellbeing.

6.1 Explain the links between identify self image and self esteem.

The concept of self is usually described in terms of self image the person we think we are and self esteem or self worth which is concerned with the worth we attach to that self image.

Self image
Self concept is about how people see themselves self image who am I? This is one of the fundamental questions that philosopher and psychologists have sought to answer. How would you answer this question about yourself? Would you describe who you are in terms of what you do, for example, a support worker? Or perhaps in terms of your relationships with others, for example a wife, a parent or a child? Have you ever described yourselves so and so's mum or so and so's daughter? You might think of yourself in terms of your hopes, dreams or ambitious. Or it is perhaps more likely that all of these ways of thinking about yourself contribute to your self image.
Self concept is about what makes people who they are. Everyone has a concept of themselves it can be a positive image overall or a negative one, but a great many factors contribute to an individual sense of identity. These will include, gender, race, language accent, values and beliefs, religion and sexual orientation.
All of these are aspects of our lives that contribute towards our idea of who we are, as a support worker, it is essential that you take time to consider how each of the people you support will have developed their own self image and identity and it is important that you recognise and promote this.
You should make sure you recognise that the values, beliefs, tastes, and preferences which people have are what makes them who they are, and must be supported, nurtured and encouraged and not ignored and disregarded because they are inconvenient or do not fit in with the care system.
Self esteem
Self esteem is about people value themselves self worth. Self esteem results from the way people feel about themselves. It is important that people feel that they have a valuable contribution to make, whether it is to society as a whole or within a smaller area such as their local community, workplace or own family.
Feeling good about yourself also has a great deal to do with your own experience throughout your Life and the kind of confidence that you were given as you grew up. All human beings need to feel that they have a valuable place and a valuable contribution to make within society.
The reasons why people have different levels of self esteem are complex. The way people feel about themselves is often laid down during childhood. A child who is encouraged and regular told how good they are and given a lot of positive feelings is the sort of person who is likely to feel that they have something to offer who is and can make a useful contribution to an situation. But a child who is constantly shouted at, blamed or belittled is likely to grow into an adult who lacks belief in themselves, or find it difficult to go into new situations and to accept new challenges. not all the reasons for levels of self confidence and self image come from childhood. There are many experiences in adult life…