Self-esteem and People Essay

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My Self- Concept
Factors that influence my self-concept(P3)
How do these factors influence your self-concept?(D2)
What happens to your self-concept?(M2) Positive


If older, may have lower self estee


Has an affect on whether a person feels like they belong or not, or whether they feel like an outsider. It might rule what a person wears or what their hopes are for the future. For example, in a culture where a woman is expected to marry young and have children rather than a career, this may affect her aspirations or ideal self. She may feel unfulfilled, or happy to have reached her cultural ideal.

When a person doesn’t like the way they look they may have low self esteem and may compare themselves unfairly to others. If someone wears glasses for example, they may feel stereotyped as ‘brainy’ and others may expect them to be clever. Human nature may be to judge a person by their appearance. A person could try too hard to change themselves and may result in illness, mental or physical.


Media can influence people on their physical appearance. This could change a person’s behaviour, by believing that everything that celebrities do, they should do also. For example, people who enter their children in pagents, may feel they also have to do this. X factor- can motivate young people to be successful but could also give less confidence if you are not as good as the contestants.


Can affect your future,