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 Write down what you think is meant by the term ATTACHMENT

What are we learning today?  To understand the terms – ‘Attachment’ and ‘Secure Attachment.’
 The importance of attachment in a child’s development.
 That a child’s reaction to separation depends on his/her age.
 That there are implications for the future if secure attachment does not occur.

Why are we Learning This?

As part of this unit Emotional and Social development you will be required to produce a leaflet.
You must include information describing the effects of separation on the child in the chosen age range.

What is Attachment?

 Attachment is the term used to describe the bond between a baby and it’s main carer.
 It is the label given to the emotional bond between children and parents
 Parents bond with their baby from the moment of conception.

Attachment in Animals
 The following images helps to explain attachment.  The ducklings follow and remain close to their mother at all times.
 In nature animals follow only their mother , which prevents them from being attacked by other animals

 Think about the people you have formed attachments to in your life!
- Mother
- Father
- Grandparents
- Siblings.

John Bowlby (1907-1990)

 Is the leading theorist on Attachment.
 He believed that family life was important to emotional development.
 He believed that children needed to have a strong stable relationship with a primary carer. (Mother, Father or main person caring for them)

 Bowlby said that babies need one central person who is a ‘mother figure’
 He believed that children who had been separated from their parents are more likely to suffer psychological problems later in life
 Attachment is an instinct in babies, they want to be close to the adult they are attached to.
 Babies and young children fear strangers.

Rhesus Monkeys.
 Harlow’s 1963 research with monkeys helps to demonstrate that babies need a ‘mother like’ figure to attach to.
 Infant monkeys were separated from their natural mother and placed in cages with to substitute mothers made from wire to look like real monkeys.
 One wire monkey was made from wire and provided food.
The other was soft, padded and covered with terry towel.

Results of experiment

 The monkeys showed a preference for the soft padded monkey.
 They would only go to the wire monkey for food.
 The monkeys wanted a warm, comfortable object to cling to for security. ‘Secure Attachment’

 A Child will feel secure and loved by it’s parent or main care giver
 Parents are the secure base from which children explore the world around them.
 Parents are protectors and providers of security- they help the child to feel happy, secure and confident.

The need for a secure attachment.  Children should have all the physical, mental and emotional nourishment to develop healthily. This should be provided by nurturing and competent parents.
 It is important children have attention in order to feel safe and secure
 Secure attachments in childhood lead to happier and healthier attachments in the future. These attachments form a ‘blueprint’ for all other relationships.
 If children are to survive into adulthood it is important they receive care and affection.

What effect does a secure attachment have on a child.

 Children with a healthy attachment to a loving care giver:
 Feel secure and loved
 Can reach their potential
 Can develop relationships with others
 Develop a conscience
 Cope with stress and anxiety
 Became self-reliant


 In pairs to think about what is needed for an attachment to be formed between a child and caregiver.
 Produce a thought shower of your ideas.

Adequate Food



Eye Contact

Unconditional Love


Praise and encouragement Stability and security Quality time with caregiver Routines

What happens if there is no secure attachment
 Children without healthy attachments with