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In today’s society health care is a major issue. Most developed countries such as Britain have some sort of public health care. This helps to prevent diseases and illnesses but not all of them can be cured. On some occasion diseases and illnesses can lead to incapability’s such as loss of bodily functions or worse can make the carrier incapable of doing anything such as walking. This sort of thing can lead to very slow and very painful deaths so very few countries allowed a thing called euthanasia to help people from dying a slow and painful death. You may ask what is euthanasia? .who invented it? I will elaborate.Euthanasia was first recorded back when the Nazi’s where around and was introduced by Nazi physicians to provide a ‘good death’ to those who were tainting the German race. The basic fact is that euthanasia was introduced properly into society by the Nazi’s to purify the ‘Aryan race’. That was many years ago and over that time euthanasia got changed and is now considered by many people to be a good thing. This is because it can stop people that are suffering from diseases yes it does end there life but I know if I was in a situation such as being unable to move or control bodily functions I would like to get euthanasia to end the pain and suffering. This is due to the fact that euthanasia lets people die quickly peacefully and with little pain. Even though this is true many countries such as Britain still do not allow which is unbelievably cruel they are letting people suffer and die slowly and for what reason what reason can they use to make people suffer and die a slow and painful death. Euthanasia should be allowed it should not be forced upon people but it should be made so that it gives them a choice.

Euthanasia can quickly and humanely end a suffering patients life, which allows them to die with dignity. Imagine that you become able to communicate emotions and feelings and you are then put in a wheelchair and are unable to support yourself. You slowly begin to die and you so desperately want to tell family and loved ones how much they mean to you but you cannot. Whereas if euthanasia was allowed you could tell them how much they mean to you before you die or catch the disease would you not feel happier than dieing unable to communicate how much you love your family or friends. This is what will happen if you were to be diagnosed with such a disease just because the government will not allow euthanasia.
The grief and suffering loved ones go through would be unbearable having to watch someone they were close to slowly and painfully rot away and die. Would you like to have to do that? Let’s say a sibling of yours catches a disease or illness rendering them unable to do just about anything all they can do for themselves is breath maybe you chose to look after them or you get someone. You have to watch them over years maybe over months maybe even weeks just watching them slowly wither away you must feel terrible unable to do anything to stop it you just have to stand there. The grief builds up inside of you as you watch them. You could tell them how you feel but would they even understand what it is your saying would they even be able to reply in fact do they even know who you are. Imagine yourself in this situation would you be able to handle the situation maybe or maybe not I do not know. This is the awful truth for thousands of people all over Britain all because there is no option for their…