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Krysten Saunders
Elementary Teacher Intern
Mordi P.3
19 May 2015
Self Evaluation
1. Describe one personal characteristic you possess that you need to improve upon to be more effective in the classroom.
I feel as though one of the personal characteristics I need to improve upon to be more effective in the classroom is my lack of confidence. I know the kids like having me around, but
I cannot raise my voice to sound assertive­enough to let the kids know I am serious about any request I make. When the kids are clinging onto me instead of doing their work, the most I can do is ask them to go back to their seat in a quiet, polite way that they barely acknowledge.
Usually I look over at the teacher, hoping she’ll notice and tell them to go back to their seats.
Over the course of the year, I’ve gotten better. I don’t exactly raise my voice and sound assertive enough, but I tell the kids that I will go over with them and help them for a bit, or come back to them when I can. Some of the kids say they appreciate my help, and I’m glad. I hope that over the course of my upcoming life I will be able to become more assertive and understandable when I ask for something. 2. What is the best part of the mentoring portion of the program? What specifically do you like best/least? How can we improve on this part of the course?
I think the best part of the mentoring program is the interaction with the kids. Getting to know each and everyone of them is nice, since learning about new people and their interests is interesting in its own way. That is also what I like the best, along with the fact that I am also

helping them learn something new each day that I’m there to help. The tasks aren’t too hard, they are easy and the kids find them useful when they start their projects and tasks. I don’t think there is anything that comes to mind for what I would like the least.
The only improvements I can think of to make to this course would be the time. A longer time period with the kids would be better, since there’s only so much you can do in an hour. It may be impossible to extend the hours high­school students get to work with younger students, but it would be nice. Otherwise, I don’t see any flaws or deficiencies with this course. I’m grateful for everything I get out of it. 3. Describe the type of student you are most drawn to and tend to spend the more time working with or interacting with.
I feel as though the students I am most drawn to and spend the most time with in the classroom are Bella and Emilyne. They are happy to see me everytime I come into the classroom and always give me a hug. Even their words are kind to me, about me coming and that they’re happy and whatnot. They are also super cute and pretty and I see potential for both of them in the future.
I see potential in all the kids in the classroom as well, but the personalities of Bella and
Emilyne are most likely my favorite. They are super sweet and like similar things that I like too. They also share with me the things they do outside of school sometimes as well. I try to spend time with everybody in the classroom, and I do get some time, but those two girls are the ones who ask me to come over a lot and be with them the most. 4. What behavior that a child may engage in drives you crazy or you have zero tolerance for?

I wouldn’t necessarily say any of the children’s behaviors drove me crazy, but if I had to pick any that might have if continued longer, I would have to say Levi. He is sweet and funny, but sometimes he has no control or attention span to listen to anything or do his work.
He tugs on my sleeve all the time and wants to play with me rather than do his own work. I try to negotiate working with him and then playing, or combining the two. Usually he makes it clear when he doesn’t want to do something and puts up a fight often.
The only real thing about his personality that would bother me is his clinginess. Levi