Self Evaluation Essay

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Christina McCollum
English 1900-21
March 23, 2015

Over the course of spring break we were asked to take five photos, all of which contained a similar element. Now, having to assess those photos, I have noticed many different things that I would not have otherwise. For instance, the first thing you notice when looking at a photo is exactly that: the photo itself. At first glance all of the photos appear to be random things around my room that I use to get ready in the morning, which technically they are, but using a more detailed eye you notice things such as the strong contrast between the black and white in the photos. Which is something that if the photos were presented in color, that would have gone unnoticed. Another thing that I notice in regards to the composition of the photos is the fact that there are very apparent vertical in horizontal lines in all the photos. For instance, in the picture of the flat iron, there are many examples of both. There is the straightener itself that is obviously a straight line. Then you have the paper towel roll. There is also the handle on the brush. The edge of the counter top. And the part of the shelves that is next to the sink. Some of these mentioned were horizontal, some were vertical, but I didn’t notice any of them until I started looking at the photos a week after I took them. Looking at the photos now, I notice that majority of the photos are taken head on. Almost every single picture is taken from an angle of what I wanted the subject to be. I had no real reason for doing this, but it just happens to be another things that ties the photos together. When you get passed the physical appearance of the photo, you begin to think of things such as the emotions behind it. Can you tell what the photographer was feeling at the time and how the pictures make you feel. Looking at the photos, I am not able to sense my own emotion through them (as the photographer). I suppose if I didn’t have any prior knowledge (i.e. knowing that the photos were meant to be in black and white), as a viewer I would question if the color was meant to show that I (the photographer) was tired or sad or some other emotion along those lines. But because I know all of the stipulations that were required when taking the photo, it’s very hard to form any real emotions about the photos. I notice that the photos give insight to the life of a typical middle class 18 years old girl, which is something that I actually hadn’t intended. Because of this, one might think that I was superficial or vain or something similar. And I feel as if this sense of superficiality is the reason why these photos seem to lack any emotions. Beyond what the photos might seem to say about me as a person, it’s reasonable to also question what they say about me as a photographer or rhetorician. There are certain that photographers are taught to do when taking a photo. You pay attention to things that most people would overlook. Things such as what type of framing was done, the lighting, the colors that are portrayed, what the intended subject was, the list can go on. So if a trained photographer were to examine these photos individually, they would easily be able to see how much of an amateur I am. But, if they look at these photos as a whole, they would notice that they seem to tell a story. One with a vivid imagination might be able to place himself right next to me in the morning and imagine the process happening right before his eyes. Which then might give the opinion that even though I may not be the