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Ruendy Castillo

Self-evaluation of Keynote Scientist Presentations

Well, whenever I started doing my presentation I forgot my scientist’s name, I was confused if it was either Aristotle or Albert Einstein, so I decided to make my presentation about Aristotle and later on I figured that it was Albert Einstein my scientist that I had chosen first. There’s a lot of information of Aristotle majorly on the web, there’s not too much pictures of him which is understood due that Aristotle era was around 2335 years ago, so at that time there was not even cameras to take pictures. The pictures that I found were only of paintings and sculptures of Aristotle. Historians claim that through the pass of the years it has been lost a lot of information of the Aristotle's era due of the same reasons. I found a lot of Aristotle's information from which I personally had unknown. I would say that I had unknown information about his childhood and early life, which is right, but not every person know all the life of characters that had been pass through a lot of time, however I personally found several facts that it interested me enough. For example the fact the Aristotle invented one of the most important resources for the human mind: the Logic. This helped and continues helping us to identify the differences that exists between specific objects, also to find the time of the day or simply to know the temperature. Aristotle also made a theory: the
Axiom Theory, which proved that you only can have one answer to a question regardless of how the problem was written. Ex: 1 +2 = 3 , so 2 +1 = 3 . But over time this theory was proven majorly ineffective in many of the fields that was tested due that not every problem has only one solution, like - you want to touch the oven without hurting yourself , but you can probably turn off the oven and