Essay about Self: Gun and Pre Planning

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Self Defense
About three years ago, a young lady was walking to her car, she wasn’t aware of her surroundings so she got attacked. The lady lost all of her valuable possessions that day. What could she have done differently to prevent this from happening that day?

Situational Awareness is simply knowing your surroundings. It also means paying close attention and being prepared if something goes wrong. For example, make eye contact with the people who surround you so they know you’re there. If you feel uncomfortable being alone, you should do what’s called pre planning. Pre Planning is a decision you make with another person when going somewhere. The other person can accompany you to be a witness and support you if something happens. It also makes you not stand out in the crowed.

Self-defense classes are very helpful in so many ways. The concepts taught in these classes are things you can do in a dangerous situation to prevent you from getting hurt. They are how to escape, fight, and to be confident in yourself. The most important one of all is to escape because you need to know how to remove yourself from the danger. For instance, if someone’s holding you down attacking you and taking your stuff away from you need to be able to protect yourself. That’s why learning some different techniques on how to restraint, fight and how to do repetitions are very important in self-defense classes. Also when you take these classes, at the end of them you’ll feel since of confidence because you’ll know what to do when danger comes your way.
I know some situations are different than others. Even some you cannot fight or pre plan. That’s why where I believe weapon come right in…