Self-Help Checklist for Non-Assessed Cwa Essay

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SELF-HELP CHECKLIST for non-assessed coursework Autumn 2012
Has the coursework declaration sheet disclaimer been signed? Does the cover sheet have all necessary information included? Is the exact title of the question included? Are the font and spacing clear and legible? Does it follow the specifications for word count/number of pages?

Structure and argumentation
Is there a helpful introduction? (See also signposting) Is effective reasoning used? (Do you support points with explanation, illustration, justification, evidence?) Are headings/subheadings helpful? Are the points in logical order? Does the paragraphing help the reader understand the argument and flow of ideas?

Is there one topic per paragraph? (there should be no one-sentence paragraphs)
Are there clear breaks between paragraphs to show where they start and end? Is it clear how the ideas link together? (both within and between paragraphs)

Style, appropriateness and accuracy of language Is a formal style used, including full paragraphs (not notes or bullet points) ? Is it clear and easy to follow (not too cryptic or overcomplicated)? Is English grammar used accurately e.g. tenses, word endings etc. Is the punctuation clear and accurate e.g. full stops, commas, semi-colons? Is the spelling accurate? Have the spelling and grammar tools been used to double-check?

Referencing conventions: Within the text:
Are citations given in the text for all the source material used? Are direct quotations given in quotation marks with surname, date and page number where available? Are paraphrase, summary and quotation used appropriately (e.g. not too much quotation)? Are sources which the student has read for her/himself acknowledged clearly with surname and date? Are indirect sources - ones the students has not read him/herself but has seen mentioned by other writers acknowledged properly, giving the original source? E.g .(Kim and Lim 2003 cited in Brown 2004) Are websites cited in the text concisely (i.e. author/organisation and date only)? Are all the sources acknowledged within the text also included in the reference list at the end?

In the reference list at the end:
Are the references in alphabetical order of surname, with the surname first followed by the…