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Priest O. Bonsu
Professor Jordan William
English 101 – 800
March 19, 2015
Narrative Essay SELF IDENTITY Being a part of extracurricular activities has really impacted my entire life. Before I joined my high school extracurricular activities, I was shy, had low self – esteem and turned away from things that, I thought, were impossible. The “old day character” led the first 3 years of my high school experience. I couldn’t ask for help or nothing from my coaches, friends, mates and even my teachers in class. Yet, I went to school and soccer practice every day and went home physically and mentally exhausted. Not only was I part of the soccer team; I was also a part of a students’ organization in high school (ASA – African Students Association), which I barely got involved in with anything. The goal of ASA was to teach others our cultures as foreign – African – students. We organized social gathering to share experiences with each other, which I never did.
Around April of 2011, my junior year, approaching the end of the school year; ASA students were assigned to do a presentation each for their country. The presentation had to cover something unique about the country. I chose to do a presentation about my country, Ghana’s, flag and its symbolisms.
The day had come and as my mates did their presentation; I could barely focus on what I was going to start with. My palms so heavy and my feet sweating inside my shoes; I ran to hide outside. As I stood out there; my ASA leader, Mrs. Heather Afriyie approached me and gave some me words of advice. She said a whole lot but I remember one thing she said that changed my whole attitude for a second. “See fear is what you imagine about yourself and it will always mislead you! Just breathe and you’ll be fine” she said. Mrs. Afriyie then held my hands and took me back to the class. As I stood in front of the class, I asked myself “why fear?” then I can just remember giving a speech and didn’t even know how fluent I could be till that instance. Everybody was in awe as I spoke so fluent from point to point till the end of my speech. “Man that was