Self-Identity In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Is finding yourself just as hard as enduring hardships, or is it worse? In Charlotte Bronte’s Victorian novel Jane Eyre, she writes of a young orphan girl named Jane who experiences abuse, neglect, and isolation. Even though these misfortunes appeared in Jane’s life she somehow stayed true to herself, and gained her independence by becoming the mistress of Morton school for girls. The prevalent theme of this novel is self-identity this, was exemplified throughout Jane’s life as she suffered many catastrophes that only she could overcome.
One of the countless illustrations that show, the theme of self-identity throughout the novel is the conversation Bessie had with Jane while they were in the red room. It is in this room where Jane is overtaken by her passion, and emotions. Bessie states “You ought to be aware, miss, that you are under obligations to Mrs. Reed: she keeps you: if she were to turn you off you
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The words that Bessie spoke were not the first-time Jane heard them, she recollected some of her first reminiscences that included some of the same ideas that hinted to her that she was an outcast of the family. Jane knew that she had a different lifestyle and was ostracized from the Reed family because she truly was not one of Mrs. Reed’s children, she was an orphan. Furthermore, as Jane grew older she went to Lowood Institution where she spent eight years, six of those years as a student and two of them as a teacher. After those eight years Jane decided that it was time to make something of herself, and become an independent lady in society. Therefore, she made an advertisement and later became a governess to a young girl named Adèle at Thornfield Hall. In chapter sixteen when Jane is at Thornfield, she states that “Bessie Leaven had said I was quite a lady: and she spoke the truth- I was a lady” (pg.163). Here Jane was now classifying herself as a lady in society, she had become a teacher, governess, and began to recognize some of her