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Well at this point I can say I came along way. June 16, 2007 I had gotten married to who I thought was my life partner. Two months later I was getting very ill a lot and didn’t know what was going wrong until I went to the doctor the 6th time they ran a lot of test and took blood. August 2007 I found out that I had Lupus (SLE). I was very sick, my husband at the time thought I was pretending to be ill. But weeks went by I passed out and woke up the next morning I had tubes coming out of me and a ventilator to help me breath I couldn’t even talk as well. I was very frustrated and upset that this illness had gotten so bad. I had to be in the hospital for 2 weeks. When it was time for me to be release from the hospital a lawyer bought papers for me, my husband had file for divorce. I was so angry and hurt at the same time. He wanted a divorce because I had Lupus.
After a month went by I was so depressed that my ex-husband had left me. So I gotten depressed and withdrawn from everyone. From me being sick I lose weight, my eyebrows had gone away, I was feeling very alone. I didn’t care about anyone or anything. I felt that no one knew what I was going through. As months went by I got a little stronger. I still felt ugly inside because of how I look. Lupus changes your outer appearance all the time. And I did not like that very much. Only thing I did like was that it made my hair thicker and longer.
But a year later I met someone who seen me for who I was. I told him about my condition and he said it didn’t matter. He told me that I shouldn’t worry about what people think of me, long as I’m still breathing and blood is running through my veins that I should be thankful that I’m still living. So we dated and a year later I had my precious son. The doctors told me prior that having Lupus that it’s not a great idea to have children because of complications. I proved them wrong he is a healthy 3.5 year old strong and active boy. My child’s father and I did not stay together but we are good