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[Self Plan] Useful Info About Travel to London
By Zen Kam on Monday, May 25, 2015 at 9:24pm
Coach - If you wish to travel to London, You can book the coach ticket in advance.. some destination such as London, Leed and Newcastle, etc offering funfare price as low as £5 for single journey.. It similar as AirAsia.. the earlier u book, the cheaper.. National Express Coach -
Alternatively, u can book
MegaBus - Train - The earlier u book, the cheaper it is. U can book online or buy at station. The price and time shown on webpage is same as the counter. Check the price and time online first before buy at station. Train -

Underground + London Bus Almost all attractions are within zon 1 & zon 2.. Even Greenwhich, although need to take DLR, it is also within zon 2.. U can conveniently buy Underground Day travelcard at £12.00 to travel within Zon 1 & Zon 2.. The day travelcard allow u to take either underground or local bus.. If you have a group of 10 people or more, the price u pay will be £8.00 within zon 1 - 6 for day travelcard.. If you use Oystercard, you can save more as the daily capping within Zon 1 & Zon 2 is £6.40. More info can be found here: London Underground Map: London Map: ACCOMODATION
Malaysian Hall - Cheap Accomodation for Malaysian students in London Rates:
Undergraduates and above 13 years old
1. Single room - £12 per night
2. Double room - £10.80 per person per night Postgraduates
1. Single room - £24 per night
2. Double room - £18 per person per night Notes:
(i) Max stay: 2 nights
(ii) Malaysian passport needed for check in
(iii) Registration with Jabatan Penuntut Malaysia London required to get the undergraduate rate; click the link below for registration (iv) To book the room, click the link below more details can be found at ATTRACTIONS
Guard Changing U nid to arrive at Buckingham Palace before