Self Reflection Essay On Leadership

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I have found that leadership is a skill that can be learned through observation,
Interaction and experience. The Chiefs Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) has offered me beneficial tools that I would like to implement in order to lead the future leaders of this organization. I have had five weeks to learn about what kind of leader I am and to self reflect on my career thus far. The three key elements that I took away from my time at the CPOA was the LPI 360 assessment, wellness, and community service.
First, the LPI 360 assessment was eye opening and helped me gain perspective on how I see myself as a leader. Most importantly, was how my managers, peers, and subordinates viewed me as a leader. The results were truly humbling and helpful. I learned that I need
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Health and wellbeing is essential to morale and quality of life. I would like to implement the presidential fitness challenge as an incentive to engage in physical activity, those that gain enough points in an allotted time, can be eligible for a special liberty pass or a morale day for unit. This can be more of a contingency reward.
Lastly, I found community service is a great way to come together in an informal setting and work to promote partnership within the community. It is important to be a part of the community and show that you take pride in what you do and where you do it.
Partnership in Education is a great program to get involved in and mentor the school
Age kids within the community schools. The intangible benefits alone such as pride,
Satisfaction and accomplishment make it worthwhile. I think it is just as important to have buy in from your community, if you support them, they will support you.
In conclusion, the CPOA offered many tools and provided me valuable insight in what it takes to be a great leader. Although all the lessons are important, the three things that I found to be useful are the LPI 360 assessment, Wellness, and