Essay about Self Reflection

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Part 1
“A successful company is built by their successful working teams.” This is not only happening in certain company but all industry which have a strength working teams. This indicates that the working teams play a very important role in the industry to get the company keeps improving.
Four generations work under one Roof!
It is impossible all the employees in an industry conducted a same generation, same education level, and same working experiences or even have the same cultures. Therefore, these might appear some problems among the employees while during the working operation. This might be a challenge for the employer who has to solve the problems and turn these problems to the working effort. There are
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They will always think that what they can bring or do for their company or even they will try their best to push their company move forward in the industry. This is because they are clear with their core value in their work and they always know what their situation is.

On the other hand, some of the employee may think that they are only a staff or worker who with a small position and their job is complete their own task only. This kind of employee will never get a promotion or upgrade to a higher position as they are lack of motivation on their work. Therefore, it is essential to boost their responsibility toward their job and make them clear with their core value towards their job. Hence, this is the best way to top up the quality of the employees.

Functional Training
Functional training is an exercise to train the trainee or employees to perform better in their job. This is necessary provide in the industry to keep the employees’ skill up-to-date. Functional training is not only for employees but the employer will also need to increase their leadership skill.

Learn the latest technology skill
Technology has become one of the most disruptive things to hit the workforce nowadays. It played a significant role in the industry as it makes our life convenience. It is making our work easy by using the machinery or tools. But, the question is, is that easy to control the technology’s equipment? Therefore, employees are required to have the technology skill in