Self Reflection Report Nursing

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Since returning for the semester I had been itching to get back into the clinical and lab setting. The first day back was very informative, and I find that the experiences met the first course objective. This refers to using “critical thinking and clinical judgement when providing safe, quality nursing care”. This was all done in the hypothetical sense, as we have yet to interact with actual patients this semester. This objective was evident through Professor Spehr’s discussion on orders, especially regarding standing orders. These are prewritten medication orders that a nurse may carry out depending on a patient’s particular condition. This involves critical thinking and the use of discretion to provide the best care for a patient. Additionally, the section lead by Professor Pieper emphasized objective one as well. She discussed the sliding scale for insulin, and the process for interpreting the readings for blood glucose. However, she discussed more than dosages and glucometer readings; she stressed the importance of noting the signs of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia in a patient. Being able to identify these signs greatly improves my ability to critically think. This helps in understanding the needs of the patient and providing the best care possible. …show more content…
I wanted to be more active in my learning by asking questions and staying engaged throughout the class. I feel as though I accomplished this. In the past I have had the tendency to be quiet but attentive during the labs. However, I made an active effort to ask questions, rather than waiting and hoping that someone would ask the same thing. Additionally, I answered all the questions that could especially during Professor Pieper’s section on insulin. I was able to recall information from Biology 203/204, and apply that to situations I may encounter with