Self Reflective Report Essay

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Self Reflective Report

Introduction 2
Definition of Self-Reflection 2
Research Findings 3
Delivery of Debate, Strengths and Weaknesses 4
Feedback Evaluation and Myself Reflection 5
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After all organized Martin introduced the topic, at the beginning of the debate I was very confident and I believed I had enough information gathered for the debate.
At first it seemed that I could keep with the topic, being next to other students that have researched the same topic as me, made me feel I was capable to participate in a very easy way.
Once the students started to give answers to the topic, I started to feel very shy and nervous, everyone had their own point of view, many different ideas, I started to think I had lack of knowledge or perhaps I just couldn’t express myself in a proper and more confident way. My main weakness, is not being able to organise my time, which is very important when it comes to debates, as this require considerable effort to organise, and being one of my problems time organisation this can affect my researches.
Towards the debate, I started to get much involved as possible; the debate became funny and very interested. The energy of the group participation made me contribute something, but still I found it was not enough, my nerves had overcome my abilities, and this affected the way I express my opinions bringing, what I think one the biggest mistakes in debates which is read by the notes more than I should have. Perhaps if I had run for more advice in how to control my nerves in public, I could have read less from my notes.
Although feeling I could have participate more, being less nervous or read less, I tried my