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Corbin Michael Selma EC

Selma was a really well done film it focuses on Martin Luther king Jr when he was protesting In Selma. Why was it that The film focused on Selma instead of his entire life. What are some important parts that established the setting. What would martin luther king Jr think if he was to watch this film. Would this film be up to his standards. How did the filmmakers make it interesting for modern viewers. Creating a film that focuses on certain part of his life is more interesting. Being able to see the impact that his protest had on other people. One of the reasons I feel that they focused on the Selma protest was because it gave a very strong idea of how severe the racisms was back then. Focusing on one protest instead if his entire life was a good way to ensure that the purpose of the film was shown. Focusing on a certain protests also build more characters better and you can see how it impacted multiple people just form this one protest. By the end of the film you have seen many struggles that had to be over come. There is family members who are killed but that does not stop any of them they all still fight for there freedom to vote. To see how much they were beaten just to achieve the freedom to vote was insane and made for a movie that show what happen at Selma. My understanding of what blacks had to go through for there freedom was greatly increased by this movie and I think that although we did not see Martin luther king Jr's entire life we saw a very important part of it. So the filmmakers in my opinion mad a great choice to focus on jut part of his life and in doing so picking a very important fight that he had to get through. The setting was amazing it gave a very close bond to the characters. Seeing how much they struggled to achieve there freedom. The marches were really well done showing how severe the attacks were from the guards. The way the that the people dressed showed that they were just as capable as some other whites, and yet because of them being black they were treated like they were not human.
They also had a nice variety of clothing to that set the mood of the poverty they were in form not being able to get jobs. Having emotion from characters getting killed in the marches really set the scene for the viewers showing them just how difficult it was to archive there goal. The conversation with The president really showed how unmotivated the country was to make any change. Martin luther king Jr. came to him multiple times and he gave him the same response have more important things to deal with. Selma was used to show he president just how important it was to give the blacks the ability to vote. After multiple deaths of blacks and whites he finally sees the importance. This film was extremely well done giving a very good representation of what happened. The characters were very well portrayed. I believe that Martin Luther King Jr. would agree that his character was portrayed very well. He had a caring heart and was very motivated to do what he wanted. Also his doing so in