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Keely Hiraoka

Seminar 1: The Declaration of Independence Equality was one of the main reasons the colonists were unhappy with Britain. This is why equality was important enough to include in the Declaration of Independence. Although, the views on equality has changed over the years, by comparing the people of 1776's point of view to the people in present day America, the shifts in view can be seen more easily as well as the similarities.  In 1776, the people who held power and made decisions were wealthy, white, landowners. While the decision makers were open-minded, their views tended to focus more on themselves. In the letters between Abigail and John Adams, John cannot but laugh at the outrageous proposal by Abigail regarding rights for women. John also stated that many others groups also wanted more rights and were showing their discontent. However, if they refused to give women more rights, whom John deemed "more numerous and powerful", why would they give the children, apprentices, Indians, and Negroes who were also causing a ruckus more rights? In the US Congress Naturalization Act of 1790, it is stated that only free white people who have resided in the United States for two years are allowed to be citizens after going through the legal process. In the Declaration of Independence, there is no mention of women, only men. In present day America, the views on the rights for women and ethnic minorities are not the same as they were in the past. Although there are still women fighting for rights in equal pay, the basics such as voting, education, own legal identities, and diverse career opportunities, have been resolved throughout the years. The United States is also trying to improve the equality of different races as well. Some colleges in America specifically look at race when admitting new students. By looking at the race of the applicants, colleges try to get a more racially diverse environment on campus.