Semele In Greek Mythology

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In Greek Mythology, women are often characterized of living in a misery and solitude life. Their fates are the result of falling in love with the Gods. Semele would be an example of an unfortunate fate; she is among many other women, who fall in love with Zeus and die in a tragedy. Zeus proclaims to Semele that he too is in love with her and that he is willing to fulfill any request. Semele‚Äôs one and only request is to see Zeus in his immortal form as the God of the Sky and Thunder, after being deceived by a jealous Hera. Despite knowing the consequences of mortals incinerating upon the sight of the Gods, Zeus reluctantly shows her a glimpse of his power after swearing his oath on the River Styx. As a result, Semele incinerate before him and could not be with Zeus …show more content…
This is a feasible plan until Hera finds out. Hera then demands Zeus to give her the cow, which is Io. Her fate changes from being a princess to a cow and being all alone with no one. Lastly, there is Psyche, who is the most unfortunate woman because Venus sent her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest serpent; however, he falls in love with Psyche and manages to prevent others from falling in love with her. Psyche and Cupid love each other, but Psyche could not glance at Cupid or else he would disappear. If one loves each other they could endure any pain, but not being able to look at each other would be difficult. It would be difficult because when you are with the one you love, you would always look at him/her for their beauty. Psyche is extremely unfortunate because she does not know how Cupid look like and spends her lifetime being with him. These myths reveal that love is perishable and there is no true happy ending. Love will lead to their eventual demise. Also, these myths show us that love is not happiness, where two would be together and be having a fulfilling