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SENIOR PROFILE Name: E-mail address: Home Phone: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Please type your answers to the following questions and submit the form to your counselor. This information is vital to completing recommendations and secondary school reports accurately and with sufficient detail. Sometimes a small comment from this profile can spark an idea that leads to a much improved and unique letter. Take as much space as you need and please, please, please, type. Where are you thinking about applying college?

Why have you decided to apply to these schools?

How could post-secondary education benefit you?

Are you the first in your family to attend college?

What teacher/s will write your letter/s of recommendation?

SELF-ASSESSMENT Please answer the following questions. Please read them all before you begin. Continue responses on the back of this page or attach a separate page if necessary. 1. What three words best describe you and why do you think they are good descriptors? (Provide detailed examples, anecdotes, etc.)

2. What are your personal strengths? Give examples that document them.

3. What are your academic strengths? (These should be different from question 2!)

4. What has been the most satisfying course you have taken and why?

5. Life’s obstacles allow us to grow. Describe an obstacle that impacted you and how.

6. What three things would you want a college admissions committee to know about you? Give examples or relate a specific situation to explain.

7. Describe any cultural/travel experiences that have had an impact on you.

8. Which single activity has been most important to you and why? (You may choose a schoolaffiliated program or an independent one.)

9. What, if anything, would you do differently if you had to experience high school again? If nothing, how have you made the most of your Oakton experience?

10. Describe any work or volunteer experiences you have had? How did the experience impact you?

11. Describe an incident in which you demonstrated strong character (loyalty, integrity, selfdiscipline, kindness, commitment to high ideals, caring for others, etc.) Think outside the box - not cheating is not the only answer!

12. If you had a motto to live