Semiotic Analysis In To Kill A Mockingbird

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1. Understanding a film can be though as "reading a book" because much like books films have signs and relations which are fundamental notions of semiotic analysis. To understand a movie, you must first uncover the signs and theme behind them which is not always obvious and must be elicited from the text.

2. Saussure divided signs into two components called signifier and signified and that both were arbitrary. Peirce, on the other hand, focused on three aspects of signs: their iconic, indexical and symbolic dimensions. A Saussure sign would be for example when the announcement (signifier) "open" is seen outside a store; customers know that the announcement is communication "This shop is open for business" (signified). A Pierce sign, for example,
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A few examples are " to see authority figures exalted or deflated" and " to gain information about the world" examples of these "Uses and Gratifications" are in the 90's during Bill Clinton's sex allegations. More recently Anthony Weiner's sexting scandals are examples of the "to see authority figures exalted or deflated." Also, the news coverage of the Rwandan genocide and the Syrian civil war are examples of the media using the Gratification "to gain information about the world" Need More …show more content…
Trump just says a few outrageous lines and gets full free media coverage this is mainly because of the fact he is mostly an entertainer and doesn't have any substance to himself. Looking at Donald Trump from a sociological point of view it is evident why Trump is appealing to the average voter. He talks about ending political correctness, and taken on the “Establishment.” Sociologically, Trump is seen as an "Anomie" type he doesn't play by the traditional rules set up by a society which sounds very appealing to a less political correct