Semiotics and Film Essay

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Assignment| 1040 | Visual Studies Film analysis Write a minimum 850-word response to either one of the Hitchcock film we viewed in class; specifically addressing the issues of Visual Studies as we have discussed them over the semester. We have considered perception, semiotics, the combining of images, and the use of formal decisions to create content. We will view the films in class and discuss. We will then review them. You are free to THIS PAPER WILL SERVE AS YOUR SUMMATION OF OUR COURSE CONTENT, AND WILL COUNT FOR 90 pts (or a little less 1/10th of assignment points of 640 pts.) of the final grade. Be thorough as you relate the film to the content we have covered. Review and answer the questions posed below. From your own perspective, be sure to answer the following questions in your essay. We will have a study sheet in class that will assist with this as we view the film. 1) How does the film investigate visual perception? Are images used to both conceal and reveal, denote and connote? How do the images work to describe our fleeting and imperfect perceptions? 2) What is you interpretation of the film in terms of semiotics? Beyond the literal story, what meaning(s) does the film seem to embody? What are the clues that you have used to ‘de-code’ your interpretation? 3) In discussing the film, think back to what we have dealt with in terms of these concepts:

Denotation vs. connotation: What do the images and story signify? What does the movie say about the relationship of image and reality, as we have discussed it? Is it mainly a comment on our voyeuristic culture? Is it more political, about ideas of privacy and surveillance? What signifiers establish identity for the characters? 4) Analyze the film in terms of form. Is light/dark an expressive factor in the movie? How is space dealt with, to create mood and a sense of place? Is the rhythm of the film’s editing a factor in its energy? 5) Discuss the editing process for Kuleshov effect. Also,