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Savannah Boulware
English 4B
2 February 2015 My Thoughts: High School My high school experience ‘in school has influenced my development as a person mentally, I’ve matured a lot of over the course of these past four years. I got out of a shy shell and I’ve learned how to network with important people. For example getting accepted into a college from academic performance in school if a professional college recruiter has been keeping in contact and watching a student throughout high school years. I think “ in” school experience has broaden my visions far as not being with the “ in crowd” or being a follower I stayed focused throughout these four years and it really helped with talking to variety of people something I would not do regularly. High school made me think of what type of decisions I will make in the future and how it has a big part dealing with school in general, made me come to reality. Also figure out my long-term goals, looking for in life. Outside of school my high school experience has influenced my development as a person I’ve took every opportunity that came my way. To attending open houses at several colleges that could be a possible choice for me attending. I did community service voluntarily such as helping children construct toys at the Home Depot in my ninth grade year, gave food and old clothes to the shut in, and communion at church; usher. The physical and general environment were always positive .When I wasn’t in school I would see teenagers about my age being “ grown “ and I would say to myself “ that’s not going be me “. My most challenging educational experiences were when I almost was retained in the 9th grade due to my teacher being. My 9th grade English teacher would lose all the students work including mine and blame the students and myself for the reasons of having zeros in school max .But from my understanding I made sure I put an extra arm, leg, effort in English class .I made sure I did all assignments such as homework, class work, and any other non-related activities. I knew from jump that English is the most essential subject. “Doesn’t matter about math, science etc. if you failed English you’re staying back” that’s what counselors, my parents, fellow classmates told me. They really didn’t understand where I was coming from. I did everything I could possibly do. Once I figured out that it wasn’t just me with a list full of zeros. My whole class was failing, after I got my parents involved my grades started matching the amount of work I did. The moral here is that I worked really hard even when my grades were I wanted it to be. I continued to emphasize my abilities to get the information completed. Also I work even harder under pressure it made me focus more and to check with teachers if my grades aren't’ looking how I wanted them to be. From “Tyler Perry Madea’s Family Reunion” there is a scene, where Madea is given the option of being a foster mother or she goes to prison. As Nicki the foster child is being teased on the school bus and she does not attend school because she doesn’t know the how to approach the information while she’s at school. The point here is it might not be the student it can be the background far as having a supportive spine. Pushing and constantly reminding myself to always do better than yesterday’s work or approach. As Madea gave pushed Nicki in the movie and got her into being tutored. Sometimes it can just be a positive voice that can change a child’s vibe towards schooling. Developing an educational plan enhanced my visions of a post-secondary future by knowing what I want to immediately graduating high school with no hesitation. If I didn’t formulate any type of educational plan I still would be trying to figure out my post-secondary plans. Developing educational plans have pros and cons in my opinion. The pros are staying focused, preparing myself for the “real world”, being more independent, and an individual